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Google Sheets Integration | Codleadform: COD Order Form & Upsells

How to connect your store with google sheet?

Connect your store with google sheet, which will make it easier for you to have an overall view of your orders and share it with your Team and Suppliers.

Let’s Get Started,

Connecting your Gmail Account

Google Sheets Integration  Codleadform COD Order Form & Upsells​

First thing to do is, to Log in with your gmail account
after that you need to allow CODLEADFORM APP accessing and managing Google drive and google sheets services, Then click Continue.

From Here you can create a new google sheets file,
You can also Disconnect the file or see it from here.

Create New Spreadsheets File:

Google Sheets Configuration Codleadform COD Order Form & Upsells​ 2

Let’s create a new file, then Click on see file As you can see the file is created and configured successfully.

Just for your information.

-A created file is automatically connected.

-You can reconnect an already disconnected file (last file created).

-To reconnect a file, you won’t have to create another file.

-You can only see one connected file.

-You can connect a file without having connected your GOOGLE profile.

Google Sheets Configuration

Codleadform COD Order Form Google Sheets Integration

As you can see, in the left table you will be able to Configure your google sheets file appearance, choice to hide or show columns.

In the Right table you can change the order of the column as you like and According to your needs.

when you finished, don’t forget to save your choices.

Create a test order

Let’s create a test order to see if everything’s work fine.

Now go back to our google sheet file, as you can see the order is created successfully.

Google Sheets test order Codleadform COD Order Form & Upsells​ 3

For more information on how cod lead form can help you grow your business, and earn more through cash on delivery system, check out our help center or cod lead form documentation.