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Multiple Facebook Pixels, We're here before the dawn of Conversion API, here's our take on this: * You need a Facebook Pixel to send accurate data to Facebook so it knows the truth, not half the truth.

  • Send server events (CAPI) alongside browser events to avoid event loss, but don't forget the scheme to deduplicate them.
  • Don't send empty events, instead fill them with what Facebook needs for better (re)targeting, plus attribution
  • Have a dashboard to fix Facebook delayed attribution that gives you actionable insights + does not scare you with a sea of data. 🙂

All that you need, nothing you don't

  • 5 mins is all it takes. Test it, see browser & server events arrived, deduplicated in real-time.
  • No-code: page view, view content, add to cart, initiate checkout, purchase are auto set up
  • Send what's needed: events come with content_id, content_type, URL, microdata (optional), conversion value (with or without shipping fee), fbp, fbc, email & phone (securely hashed) for advanced matching.
  • Auto-synced Catalogs: submit products to Facebook in a breeze. With all the product info (title, price, availability, ids & more), you'll be able to view how each product is getting attention (events) or getting abandoned. From there, you'll run Dynamic Product Ads (retargeting) accordingly.
  • Button/Link click custom events: think form submit, demo click, etc. Track & send what's valuable for your business beyond the conventional standard events. --> No need to pay huge bucks for a cloud server to use Google Tag Manager server container.

Ensure the data integrity before you scale ads based on it.

It's uneasy living in fear your pixels are down at times. That's why we launched in-app analytics and dashboard. You will see which pixels (with CAPI enabled) send what events, how many, what orders (purchases), in what date range.

Have a test strategy that evolves with this ever more competitive landscape

  • Have some niche pixels to separate the data. Having only 1 pixel per general store won't be optimal, as you're mixing up all the events while the audience behind each bears little resemblance.
  • Have a backup pixel: even when the primary got down, you won't be crying for the loss of well-trained data if you've set up a backup from the outset.
  • Want to install one same pixel to multiple international stores? That's a-okay.
We take pride in accurate tracking for thousands of users & are right on the other end to help you achieve that. Got a special ATC button, slide cart, upsell funnel that needs some customization? Tell us! P.s: Fine-tuning & adding more much-needed features is our daily job, so we're all ears to every one of your ideas!

Multiple Facebook Pixels - Codleadform: COD Order Form & Upsells:

How to take advantage of Multiple Facebook Pixels Features?

Codleadform cod order form Multiple Facebook Pixels feature

Multiple Facebook Pixels Feature, help you track all your store event at once to grow your data, which in return, will help you implement retargeting, conversion, tracking, and audience segmentation.

Create Facebook Pixels From The Meta Business Manager:

Now let’s create our pixels. to do this, go to the facebook business manager. in the left Sidebar, find Data sources. and click on pixels.
from this page you can add as many pixels as you want.

Multiple Facebook Pixels - Meta Business Manager

Now click on the Add Button, rename your pixel and click continue, you can close this tab.

Add The Facebook Pixel in the Codleadform App: 

Click on the pixel already created, copy the pixel ID and go back to cod lead form applictaion, paste the pixel right here and click on add, now your pixel is on added successfuly.

Multiple Facebook Pixels Configuration - Codleadform COD Order Form & Upsells

Check the Pixel in the product Page:

Now let’s check if the pixels added, can track the events on our store,

Multiple Facebook Pixels - Facebook Pixel Helper

With the Facebook pixel helper chrome extension, you can check which event is tracked, and a lot of other details that can help you optimize your conversion rate of your store, and product page.

As we said before, tracking the movement of visitors within the site is necessary, One pixel is not enough. So you can install multiple pixels without any coding skills. All you have to do is copy and paste.

Does The Codleadform Multiple Facebook Pixels Feature, Track The Event even in the modal form?

The Answer is yes, This Feature can track All the event fired in the store no matter the form configuration,  Nested Display Or Modal Display

The Event tracked are the following: 

  • Page View
  • View Content
  • Add To Cart 
  • Initiated Checkout
  • Purchase

This, well help you get more details about your business state and also provide you with the data you need in order to analyze the weakness and strength point of your business.