codleadform: Shopify Order Form App For Cash On Delivery

Codleadform cod order form and Upsells Complete Shopify Lead Form Cash On Delivery shopify app.​​

Codleadform cod order form and Upsells Complete Shopify Lead Form Cash On Delivery shopify app.​​

The codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells app replaces Shopify’s checkout process, with a fully customizable order form. If you don’t use online payments in your store, or don’t need them for some of your products – then our app is for you.

Functionality of the application

In case you don’t need to accept online payments (Pay Per Order, offline payment, or need to contact your customers before a payment), you’ve noticed that the standard Shopify payment procedure is complicated for your customers.

They have to enter a lot of information in multiple steps that are unnecessary for you because of your business model. And you need custom information, but you can’t add fields to proceed to Checkout with the standard Checkout.

Our application solves all these problems. It replaces it with a quick and easy order popup with a form for the customer to fill out. The form is fully customizable with our drag and drop layout editor, you can add fields, mark them and customize the layout.

Who is this application for?

This app is designed for store owners whose business model is different from the original Shopify checkout process. This app is exactly for you if:

You don’t accept online payments and use some offline payments, such as Cash on Delivery, bank transfer, etc… Some of your products are not yet available for purchase, but you want to study the market and gather a potential customer base through a pre-order form; You need details from the Customer that you want to add to the checkout process, but can’t do with the original Shopify Checkout.

The app is NOT for you if:

You use online payments like Shopify, PayPal, 2Checkout…; Note: you can use the simplified checkout process in our app, for some of your products, and Shopify Payment for others.

How codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells [Cash On Delivery shopify app] works?

Our app adds a popup or a simple order form that you design, on your Product or Payment page. So, your customer fills in several fields and places an order/pre-order directly on your Product/Payment page.

The order will appear in My Orders in the Shopify Administrator, just like a regular order. The customer’s account is automatically created for each order, in the same way as the standard Payment process.

codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells Features:

Responsive With Debutify and all shopify themes

  • Ready to use on the number #1 ecommerce solution Debutify Theme.
  • Google Sheets Integration

  • You can sync orders easily with google sheets integration features.
  • Now you don’t need to pay monthly fees to integrate your store with google sheet or to export your orders’ data. The integration can be done in one minute, 100% free. Share your orders with anyone (call center, your suppliers… etc.).

    Multiple Facebook Pixels

  • Track store event with Facebook pixel.
  • Are you afraid of losing your data stored in a single Facebook pixel? Now with CODLEADFORM, it’s easy to add as many Facebook pixels as you want to your store, and it’s 100% free.


  • You can at any time, offer discounts and offers that will help you double your sales through the codleadform Upsell feature.
  • WhatsApp Call To Action

  • WhatsApp Call to Action Feature. You can access all the customer information entered in the order form in WhatsApp. You can share orders with your business team and distributors easily.
  • codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells [Cash On Delivery shopify app] Available in:

  • English.
  • French.
  • Arabic.
  • Spanish.
  • Portuguese.
  • Italian.
  • About codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells: [Cash On Delivery shopify app]

    codleadform is a complete Shopify app provides all the services needed by traders and entrepreneurs. especially people who run cash on delivery business model.

    In the documentation section you’ll learn exactely how to use integrate codlead form in your shopify theme, in this case we recommend (Debutify Theme).

    Our History:

    The great development in the field of e-commerce in the world inspired us to create an integrated app that has everything you need to facilitate the process of e-commerce, and to enter this market that is growing day by day, by taking advantage of the great experience that our ambassadors from all over the world have accumulated in practicing e-commerce for years. This experience that was able to completely change their lives to become, in the eyes of millions of young people, stars and geniuses in this field.

    Why we choose Debutify As Our Recommended theme for Cash On Delivery?

    Ecommerce themes are broken. If you’ve ever built a store, you know the drill: Spend way too much time building pages, add dozens of apps to help you convert (each costing an arm and a leg)… and end up with a store that’s difficult to manage — and converts miserably. Debutify is the smart way to launch your ecom business. Build a persuasive store in hours — not weeks — and verify your product idea today. Then rely on Debutify’s smart marketing features to scale your sales through the roof.

    #1 Cash On Delivery Order Manager And Form Builder

    Do you want to grow and develop your business?

    Don't search too much!!

    CODLEADFORM Is all you need to increase your sales by 20%

    codleadform cod order form lead form for Cash On Delivery

    5.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ rating on Shopify App Store

    Let's discover all the powerful features

    codleadform cod order form lead form shopify app features

    Sync all your Orders with Google Sheets and add custom fields

    codleadform cod order form lead form Sync shopify orders to google sheets in Cash On Delivery system

    Smart order form on product page

    Collect orders directly from the product page using the smart order form and experience a faster and easier buying experience to increase your conversion rate

    Responsive with Debutify the #1 Theme in the world of Ecommerce & digital marketing

    Tracking the movement of visitors within the site

    Codleadform cod order form Multiple Facebook Pixel feature

    One pixel is not enough. So you can install multiple pixels without any coding skills. All you have to do is copy and paste

    Upsells Feature

    Codleadform Upsells Formula

    You can at any time, offer discounts and offers that will help you double your sales through the codleadform Upsell feature.

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