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Codleadform cod order form and Upsells Complete Shopify Lead Form Cash On Delivery shopify app.​​

Revamp Your Shopify Checkout with codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells

If you’re looking to streamline your Shopify store’s checkout process and enhance customer experience, look no further than the codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells app. This remarkable application replaces Shopify’s standard checkout procedure with a fully customizable order form, tailored to suit your unique business model. Whether you don’t accept online payments, prefer offline payment methods like Cash on Delivery, or need to gather customer details before processing payments, the codleadform app is here to simplify and optimize your checkout process.

Enhancing Functionality: How codleadform Works

The codleadform app is designed to cater to store owners whose businesses differ from the conventional Shopify checkout process. Here’s how the application’s functionality can benefit you:

  1. Simplified Checkout Process: If you don’t require online payments or prefer offline payment methods, the standard Shopify payment procedure can be complicated for your customers. With codleadform, your customers can easily fill out a quick and intuitive order form, eliminating unnecessary steps.

  2. Fully Customizable Form: Our app’s drag and drop layout editor allows you to customize the order form to your liking. You can add fields, mark them, and arrange the layout according to your specific needs.

Is codleadform for You?

codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells app is an ideal choice for store owners who fit the following criteria:

  • You don’t accept online payments and prefer offline payment methods like Cash on Delivery, bank transfers, etc.
  • You want to generate interest and create a potential customer base by offering pre-order forms for certain products.
  • You need additional customer details during checkout, but the standard Shopify checkout doesn’t allow for customization.

On the other hand, if you primarily rely on online payment methods like Shopify Payments, PayPal, or 2Checkout, the codleadform app might not be the best fit. However, you can still use the simplified checkout process offered by codleadform for some products, while using Shopify Payment for others.

Outstanding Features of codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells

  1. Responsive Design: The app seamlessly integrates with all Shopify themes, including the popular Debutify theme, ensuring a consistent and optimized experience across different devices.

  2. Google Sheets Integration: Easily sync your orders with Google Sheets, allowing you to manage and share order data effortlessly. Plus, this integration comes at no additional cost, saving you monthly fees.

  3. Multiple Facebook Pixels: Track store events with multiple Facebook pixels, without worrying about losing valuable data. The app allows you to add as many Facebook pixels as needed, providing invaluable insights into customer behavior.

  4. Upsells Feature: Increase your sales potential with the Upsells feature, enabling you to offer discounts and special offers that entice customers to make additional purchases.

  5. WhatsApp Call to Action: Access customer information from the order form directly in WhatsApp, making it easy to share orders with your business team and distributors.


The codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells app is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, catering to a global audience.

About codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells

codleadform is a comprehensive Shopify app that caters to the needs of traders and entrepreneurs, particularly those operating with a cash on delivery business model. The app’s documentation provides detailed instructions on integrating codleadform into your Shopify theme, with a special recommendation for the Debutify Theme.

Our Journey

The inspiration to develop an all-in-one e-commerce app arose from the rapid growth of e-commerce worldwide. We sought to create an integrated solution that would simplify the e-commerce process and capitalize on the expertise of our global ambassadors, who have excelled in e-commerce for years.

Why We Recommend Debutify for Cash On Delivery

E-commerce themes often present challenges, requiring extensive time and multiple apps to convert customers effectively. Debutify provides a smarter alternative, allowing you to build a persuasive store in a matter of hours, test product ideas swiftly, and rely on its intelligent marketing features to boost sales significantly.

Embrace the power of codleadform COD Order Form and Upsells and elevate your Shopify store’s checkout process for an unparalleled customer experience. Make the most of this user-friendly app and witness a remarkable transformation in your sales and customer satisfaction.

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Sync all your Orders with Google Sheets and add custom fields

codleadform cod order form lead form Sync shopify orders to google sheets in Cash On Delivery system

Smart order form on product page

Collect orders directly from the product page using the smart order form and experience a faster and easier buying experience to increase your conversion rate

Responsive with Debutify the #1 Theme in the world of Ecommerce & digital marketing

Tracking the movement of visitors within the site

Codleadform cod order form Multiple Facebook Pixel feature

One pixel is not enough. So you can install multiple pixels without any coding skills. All you have to do is copy and paste

Upsells Feature

Codleadform Upsells Formula

You can at any time, offer discounts and offers that will help you double your sales through the codleadform Upsell feature.

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